Daisy Smoothies

We are a healthy lifestyle brand that makes use of freshly harvested fruits to produce healthy and low calorie fruit drinks to ensure maximum refreshment and a tantalizing experience.


Daylight Barrel

pineapple, banana, apple, coconut milk

Aloha Smoothie

banana, pineapple, mango, coconut milk

Ignite The Day

cucumber, carrot, apple, spinach


banana, strawberry, Greek yoghurt

Yummy Blast

banana, grapes, strawberry, Greek yoghurt

Daisy Special

strawberry, banana, almond, date, Greek yoghurt



Daisy Power

Greek yoghurt, granola, banana, apple, toppings


Daisy Special

Greek yoghurt, strawberry, banana, kiwi, grapes, granola, toppings


Daisy Blast

Greek yoghurt, pineapple, grape, granola, apple, toppings


Toppings for Parfait

Chia seed

Coconut flakes



Peanut butter

Coco powder


Gummy bears

Every parfait order is entitled to 2 toppings, additional toppings attract a charge of ₦500


Mango Juice

Green Barrel Juice

Pineapple Juice

Orange Juice

Watermelon Juice


Tigernut Drink

Tigernut, dates, coconut and cinnamon


3 Days Detox plan - ₦15,000
5 Days Detox plan - ₦25,000

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